NSW Registration

NSW Registration of ICV's

We often get asked about registration of ICV's (Individually Constructed Vehicles) as this is one of the critical steps of building or transferring registration of a Cobra, Daytona or GT40 replica.

Here is a very  general guide but please seek expert advise before you buy a car:-

  • If you are purchasing a car already registered in NSW you may not need extra engineering if the car is already certified in this state.
  • If you are transferring a car from interstate you will probably need re engineering in NSW even though your car was legal in another state.
  • If you are building a car in NSW registration is a big challenge. We are supporting the  ALVICVA group (Australian Low Volume and Individually Constructed Vehicle Association) who are working with the Department of Transport in NSW to improve the situation.
  • If you are thinking of importing a car from overseas you will need to consider the age of the car and the Engineering requirements.

So, we suggest two things:-

  • Talk to an Engineer and get accurate advice.
  • Come along to a meeting and talk to other Cobra owners about their experience.

Don't worry, owning a Cobra is worth it!