Transport for NSW Crackdown

25th April 2022
By Ben Gosper

Hello Everyone,

Please be aware that Transport for NSW is currently cracking down on highly modified cars that are not Engineered. It appears that quite a few people with visible "defects" such as blowers, air filters out of the bonnet, enormous wheels etc. are being called in for inspections on the 23rd and 24th April. All indications are that the cars are being targeted from social media such as magazines, youtube videos and facebook posts from car meets.

A this stage we have not heard of any Cobras or ICV's that have been targeted. It is likely that the targets are mainly highly modified cars that are mainly (but not always) on historic or club rego.

What are we doing about it?
As a club there is not much we can do other than monitor the situation for now. If you hear of any Cobras or ICV's getting a letter please let the club know. The other thing we will be doing is to hide number plates wherever possible on our club social media - just in case.

This news item is so you are informed and aware of the situation -  do not stop enjoying and  driving your Cobra!!!



For more information download this document

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