Cobra Nationals


Update: March 2024.


The CCCNSW Committee has been gathering since Christmas to plan for our Nationals event in 2024. At our meeting last night we came to the conclusion that a Nationals event at One Raceway (Formerly Wakefield Park) would not be possible this year. There are various reasons why we have made this difficult decision, some are as follows:-

  • One Raceway has not yet set an opening date and is still in construction
  • We have no official pricing from the Raceway, but discussions indicate that the track hire for 3 days is significantly higher than what we paid for the track previously. (3 years ago)
  • The club has limited finances to run the event, and the committee has decided that the risk this year is not a responsible option for our club at this time
  • The track will evidently be operating under the old DA approval, meaning that there are limited "noisy days" allowed. We assume that we would need one of these days for our cars
  • The new owners are looking to get maximum financial reward for the high noise days in particular, as you would expect
  • In order to run an event we have looked at options to work with other clubs to share cost and responsibility. This has been shelved due many factors

So, where to from here? 3 Things to note:-

1   There is strong support from both NSW and interstate to continue with the Nationals in some form, and the committee will try and make this happen. We will continue to plan for a track based Nationals in 2025 in the hope that we can make it financially viable and with acceptable risk to the NSW Club

2   When One Raceway announces dates for open "Speed off the Street" type days we will let the Cobra community know and see if we can get together for an informal day at the track in perhaps August, September or October. Could be a good opportunity for us to get together and try out the new circuit without all of the organisation and risk

3   There may still be an opportunity to stage a 2024 Nationals as a non track event focussing on dinners, runs and a show and shine similar to Surf to Summit. The committee is exploring options now, and will be in a position to give more updates next month. We might even do a poll to judge interest in this style of event

I realise that many will be dissapointed with the decision to not hold a track focussed Nationals this year. Rest assured that the committee has done it's best to make things happen and have not made this decision lightly. 


Just a reminder, if you have booked accomodation in Goulburn please cancel.

All the best,

Ben Gosper

President  - CCCNSW