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2012 Cobra Nationals

Kimbo - 4-8-2012 at 11:42 PM

Hi Guys,
the entry form and Supplementary Regulations are now out for the Cobra Nationals.
Not sure about anyone else but I can't wait.

Attachment: 2012 Supplementary Regulations Final Version.pdf (210kB)
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Photo's from Saturday

smitchell - 29-9-2012 at 06:16 PM

Hi Guys

Finally got to one of these after my sister trying to get me there for years, hopefully will be back tomorrow to watch the races but in the meantime I took a heap of pictures today and thought I would post a link to the facebook album for anyone who might like to view them, feel free to drop me an email or message if you would like any originals :)

Some of the photos aren't great quality was having issues with the camera flash and i couldn't get that close to the track :( (hint hint :lol:) but there are some good ones especially when the drivers had fun driving past me :) and please feel free to use or copy any of the images

PS Great event, beautiful cars and will definitely be back :thumbup:

Legless - 1-10-2012 at 04:43 PM

Your sister made you go? She sounds like a keeper:love: :lol: Thanks for putting up all the great pics. Also a big thanks to all the volunteers who organised the meet and put on a great event, especially the race committee. Our heats on Sunday seemed really evenly seeded and resulted in some keen competition, we had a ball! Congratulations to all involved. Err now to investigate the hemorrhaging of various vital fluids and grinding noises.....sigh, i'm sure its going to be ugly and I wont find anything half as pretty as what was under that Kirkham, how gorgeous is that gear!!!


Mad94d - 2-10-2012 at 03:26 PM

Video of the event

My best hotlap (1:08.796). Over the moon with that one.

A lot more video to go up in coming days (mostly onboard though).

Photos from Sunday

smitchell - 3-10-2012 at 07:25 PM

Hi Guys

Glad you all are enjoying the pics from Saturday :) I took the better camera on Sunday and am uploading them onto facebook now... may take a couple of albums :spin:

I setup on the last corner and got the cars going round the corner and down the start of the straight and entering pit lane.... If you stitch the sequences together you can have a movie :-)

Album 1 is public and available at

Album 2 is public and available at

Album 3 is public and available at

And the last Album 4 is public and availabloe at